Irishman Gearoid McDaid has made a habit out of blasting to the relative warm shores of Portugal whenever the charts go dodgy on his home shores.
Portugal V.2 is an edit put together by Onterre Films from some sessions with Surf Solutions earlier this winter. 
“Yeah I go to Portugal a lot. The last few years Ive been there a couple of times each winter but this year it seems like it’s been pumping pretty consistent. Every time the waves start to go bad at home and I look at the chart for Portugal it’s pumping and so I jump on a  flight and am there the next day. The waves are sick and the weather feels so nice and for middle of winter you cant get much better.  I also have a lot of friends in Portugal now which helps get you waves a bit too and is good for some banter post surf. And you cant beat a good UCAL (Chocolate milk) there after a surf.” Gearoid