The owner of the cottage gardens used by surfers to access the jump off rock on the point at Porthleven has requested that surfers no longer use his garden as a short cut to the sea or use his table area by the flag as hang out or photo gallery.

Mr Bell, a former surfer and long time resident has been a legend over the years in allowing hundreds of people to run across his garden which is pride and joy, but more recently people have been rude to him, used his garden for changing/as a base camp for the day and generally taken the piss.

Locals and Porthleven Surf Club will also observe his wishes and will produce a sign asking all other surfers to the same

It is not a decision Mr Bell has taken easily, but a few have spoiled things for the many. It is the end of an era in so many ways, but we wish Mr Bell all the best.

In the meantime please ask all surfers to share the info so Mr Bell can enjoy some peace. If you and friends have used the area maybe club together of a nice bottle of whisky he can enjoy watching the surf.

Also please be aware of dangerous parking on the unmarked road which goes towards Praa, and running across the field as these could be next.