With respect to the locals it’s not often surfing in Skegness raises much of an eyebrow on the international stage. But a Facebook Live video entitled ‘This is Skegness North beach – someone’s attempting to surf the tidal surge… ‘ by BBC Look North ( http://bit.ly/2jmMAzh ) has gone viral after a local surfer Danny tried to make the best of the recent North Sea swells.

Danny Louth, an obviously experienced and humble surfer just having fun in conditions well within his comfort zone, posted a response which was eloquent, explanatory and reasoned… and has now had over 1.1 million views!

Danny was doing the run around, common in areas with currents when there is swell (think Snapper, if you don’t want to picture yourself in 4 degree murky brown North Sea water) when he was reported to the police and the local media as being irresponsible/in trouble. Two local officers were sent to ‘have a word’ with him, and the press went out in force to see what was going on.

Obviously if you are inexperienced please do not attempt to replicate this. And as always experienced surfers please look out for the general public and less experienced surfers.