OK so fair to say none of us have surfed as much as we would have liked this winter (unless you are on the east coast of the UK!). Unless you are a pro or have had a trip away the combination of work, school and dark nights aren’t the greatest for your surf fitness. So by now you may be feeling bit sluggish in the water. So here are five top exercise to boost your surfing whatever your level taken from our book Advanced Surf Fitness

*this is a start up programme. The fitter you are the more reps you can add.  You can also add weights as you get fitter.

Press ups

Much over looked the press-up is a great exercise for surfers of all standards. It helps with duck diving and pop ups.

• 5×10 press ups with 60 seconds rest between each set.



Another great all round exercise. The faster your get to your feet the better. This one is also must for any surfers going on trips away to faster hollower waves

• 5×10 burpees (your basic jumping to your feet movement) with 60 seconds rest between each set.



The more power you have in your legs, the more control you will have over your board.

• 5×5 basic squats with 30 seconds rest

• 5×5 basic squats on a balance trainer (indo board, or similar)

Swiss ball tuck

Another great exercise for core strength and pop ups.

• 5 x10 with 30 seconds rest



Increase your paddle power with the handy cords.

• 10x 60 seconds, remember long strokes with hands in the handles fully.

You can buy Powerstrokes here


Get surf fit now with our book Advanced Guide To Surf Fitness! Click here

Get surf fit now with the Advanced Guide To Surf Fitness! Click here

The aim of Advanced Surf Fitness for High Performance Surfing is to help you maximise your skills. This book will help you surf longer, catch more waves and take your performance to the next level using state-of-the-art surf fitness techniques.

Stepping things up from the best-selling book The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness, this book covers everything from increasing your paddle power to training for coordinated surfing movements with explosive power. Every base is covered so you will improve all aspects of your surfing. Training programmes are broken down to manoeuvre level so you can focus and strengthen specific areas of your surfing and fitness.

Advanced Surf Fitness for High Performance Surfing brings together all the latest knowledge

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