Dylan Palmer is one of those tirelessly working filmers that gives you the good stuff to gawp at on your phone. He’s done a compilation of edits and there’s some cracking stuff in here, including of course that mad man Domke doing things on a skimboard that defy physics and sense. Crack it on and pretend you’re doing some work this afternoon honest guv.

In 2015 I worked for a new East Coast surfing magazine known simply as SIX Magazine. I edited a few dozen videos for them during my time there and now they are no longer in operation. 23 Stitches is a compilation of 23 of my favorite edits that i did with SIX, roughly stitched together for a 55 minute main course. Completed a little over a year ago, this is the first installation of my “Stitches”, I hope you enjoy!
The edits included in 23 Stitches are (in order of appearance)
1) Dos Dias
2) Brad Domke & JOB in Mexico Part 1: Board Swap
3) Brad Domke & JOB in Mexico Part 2: Clown Time & Bull Riding
4) Rob Brown // One Wave in Mainland Mexico
5) Bruce Irons // Three Waves in Mainland Mexico
6) Brian Conley // Spanish Blues
7) RED Pipeline with Kelly Slater, Damien Hobgood, & CJ Hobgood
8) Lucia Power for NECTAR Shades
9) OBX with Cory Lopez & Pete Mendia
10) A Wave in Florida with Oliver Kurtz
11) Rozay Garden // Caribbean with Oliver Kurtz
12) Blake Jones in Nicaragua
13) Blake Jones in Florida
14) Brad Domke in Florida
15) Brad Domke & The Flying Fish
16) OBX with Cory Lopez & Pete Mendia
17) Spit of the Summer at Mexi Pipe
18) Set of the Century // Secret Spot in Mexico
19) Wave of Baron Knowlton’s Life in Mainland Mexico
20) Jamie O’Brien // Days From The Moon
21) Heavy Days At Home // Marcos Hootman
22) Into The Underground // Bruce Irons & Nathan Fletcher in Mainland Mexico
23) Nils Schweizer // Central America / Micronesia / Mexico