Clare County Council confirmed that the application to build a 4.5 metre high, 2.8km sea wall long along Doughmore sandunes by Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg, Co Clare, has been withdrawn.

Clare County Council confirmed the wall was withdrawn. New planning permission is to be submitted proposing sheet metal piling and rock armour for 650m at one end and 200m at the other end of the dune system. Two golf holes will be relocated inland on the course.

A planning application will be made to insert metal sheet piles into the ground on the golf course and lay limestone boulders on the base of the piles. The defence will be covered by sand and a cobble bank at the back of the beach.

Joe Russell, general manager at Doonbeg, said the original plans were revised because of time pressures, after listening to concerns and because the resort could not afford another lost season due to storm erosion.

“We listened to what people had to say. This is a reduced version of the original proposal. What it serves to do is to protect the holes that are under immediate threat,” Mr Russell said.

Save The Waves actively opposed “Trump’s Irish Wall” through the #NatureTrumpsWalls campaign since October with a coalition of partners gathering over 100,000 petition signatures.