Alan ‘Santa’ Stokes by Greg Martin.

It’s a simple question that has a personal answer. Mainly coming down to time and circumstance.

There’s no shortage of waves on most coasts from Storm Babs here in the UK so there will be some festive sheltered spot action. Question is can you fit it in? Light is limited after all and there’s a calorific feast with three times your daily allowance imminent. Not to mention a possible Christmas Eve inspired hangover.

If you live up country, sure you’re never more than 80 miles from the coast in the UK, it might be tricky. If you live on the coastal fringe then it’s doable from a geographical point of view. And if you’ve spent many years on the surfable bits of our coast it’s odd how many Christmas Days come with a watery unwrapped present in the form of fun waves.

Considering the feast that’s coming of mutant dry chicken, sorry turkey, assorted veg no one likes, roasties, yorkies (if not you’re missing out, it’s a roast, therefore you can serve yorkies with it) and then assorted puds, cheeses, chocolates and veritable melange of drinks you’d be wise to get some exercise. Stretch those arteries before they get filled with double cream.

Best bet is nipping out for the early. Get in at dawn, it’s guaranteed to be quiet, get an hour in and get home for breakfast and get on with helping out the family. Or at least offer before being banned from the kitchen.

If you’ve already escaped our shores for somewhere warmer then enjoy the experience of festive times on far shores. Being away from the family is weird at first but you’ll soon find a new temporary family of friends for Christmas wherever you are. And barbecue teriyaki turkey for example is a wonderful thing. You are obliged to go for a surf, just for braggin rights if nothing else. And being away means a party that lasts from Christmas Eve until New Years Day…

If you’re alone this Christmas for whatever reason then a surf is a good way to start the day. Reflect on the year gone by and get the blood pumping. It’s your day to do as you please, say hi to folks in the line up and enjoy a welcome day off the rat race.

Whatever your situation, if you can fit in a wave without getting in the dog house then it’s worth it. There’ll be like minded souls out enjoying the calm before the Christmas storm.

Alternatively you could just time your surf for when Frozen is on. If you’ve got kids you’ll have seen it 50 times already…