I think Italy is a pretty unique place to surf.
The fragrances, colors, food, places, waves, people, so different from region to region but at the same time so equal, so similar.
This was my first time shooting surf in my home country, I received a phone call from Roberto and Eugenio where they said there was a swell that would strike our shores, from north to south.
I haven’t seen my friends in while so I was like … ok boys let’s do this. I remember I was quiet excited to catch up with Rob and Eugenio and try to get some clips around home.
So I took a train from Milan and I met them near Genova where we started this little journey
We had fun. Waves were fun, we didn’t actually score super hard but it’s always good try to chasing some waves around home, especially with good friends.
When you’re travelling around Italy you have that feeling: it’s like being in a postcard…

Film Edit Directed Alessio Saraifoger
Additional filming Francesco Thilo Sili
Surfers Roberto D’Amico & Eugenio barcelloni
Soundtrack performed by Fenster “Memories”
The Velvet Underground “Heroine”