Nothing says ‘Welcome to Japan’ more than the Shibuya Crossing. Follow O’Neill team rider Jordy Smith on his latest adventure as he navigates the world’s busiest intersection in Toyko, and shares waves with the local groms, Riki Horikoshi and Yuji Mori, in Chiba.
From in-store signings and samurai swords to turtle dragons and the 2020 Olympics, Jordy embarks on a promo tour that has him reminiscing about the days he would chase autographs at just seven years old.
Embracing the non-stop culture and happy vibes, Jordy discovers the magic of Japan and its people.

Forgetting your wallet means you’ve got to wash up ©Nate Lawrence

Aaaarrrggh which way?! ©Nate Lawrence

Loose as ever ©Nate Lawrence

Jordy and not a Japan air. ©Nate Lawrence