Meet Maud. She surfs good. She’s an artist. She drives a big pick up truck and lives in Hossegor. She’s also one of the nicest people you’re ever likely to meet. She’s just released a new short film on her passions that premiered at the Waxed cafe in downtown Hossegor last week and now it’s online for all you lot to check out. We caught up with her last week for a chat, there’s a short version over at SurfGirl now and the full thing will be in the November issue of SG.

Drawing Lines with Maud Le Car
“I have two passions in life – Art and Surfing.” 
Often the link between the two is more tightly woven than what you may think. 
“To me a wave is like a virgin canvas where you can draw the curves and the lines that you decide.” When skills match artistic vision the outcome is easily appreciated. Film maker Vincent Kardasik joined Maud Le Car for a few sessions around Hossegor, France this summer.



Photos: Alex Lesbats