Whether you think he is an absolute arse or you just want to suckle up to his fine wall building man teets you can now surf in Donald Trunks!

Made by anarchic British surf and party brand ‘Slut’ the Donald Trunks have been tested at Canggu and various other popular hip warm water surf locations with entrepreneur and underground charger Rohan claiming they are perfect for repelling crowds.

Only one problem for far right Republicans, Rohans last name is Inglis, and if you squint a bit he does look a little bit… Mexican… Now there’s a quandary…

★ Perfect for warm water surfing
★ Guaranteed to repel crowds and get you more waves
★ Ideal for getting weird at festivals
★ Very Limited Edition
★ Tested on party animals
★ 80% Polyester 20% Lycra

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