All images where shot using the Phantom Flex 4K camera with Arri Ultra Prime lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing.
Edit: Tom Hannam (@tomhannam)
Music Artist: Piers Baron – “Waltz of the Bells”
Soundmix: Nick West (Smith and Western Sound)
Colour Grade: Dwayne Hyde

Surfers in order of appearance:
Opening shot: Koa Rothman
Koa Rothman
Luke Davis
Craig Anderson
Albee Layer
Jeremy Flores
Cyclops (empty wave)
Chris Ross
Mick Fanning x 2
Laurie Towner
Matt Meola x 3
Taj Burrow x 3
John Florence x 3
Kolohe Andino
John Florence x 2
Dan Ryan (Closing shot)

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