Photos by Rob Tibble

The surfers may have been small in stature, but the surfing and atmosphere
was larger than life over the weekend as Croyde played host to the first
 Rip Curl Grom Search event of 2016.

The Rip Curl Grom Search series is renowned 
globally for being a concoction of all things wonderful in our sport and
 this event was no different. The competitions not only provides elite level 
international opportunity, but a friendly, welcoming and enjoyable 
experience for the youth of surfing.

Surf events in the summer are all about lucking into swell, and Mother
 Nature turned out to be in a generous but mischievous mood, leading to two
full days of surf but a split location event. 

Saturday was a day for the mass entry to enjoy with the biggest Grom Search
 entry to date, resulting in the 20 minute 4 man heats and action from the
 word go. The sun came out to say hello from time to time and the wind blew 
and blew as the surfers surfed and surfed some more. Surfers progressed 
through heats as the tide dropped and although challenging at times, the 
surf provided relentless scoring potential. 

As the solid forecast became reality a call late in the day was made to 
relocate the entire event site to the nearby more sheltered beach of 

An evening of setting up and watching the sets roll in
 increased the anticipation of what the finals day may hold, and boy did it

3-5ft pumping high tide surf was the case for most of the Sunday.
 Puttsborough is a natural and stunning amphitheatre which meant that
 surfers, staff and spectators could watch and admire the courage,
 commitment and skills of the young surfers from an elevated and close
proximity. The competitors from under 12 to under 16 years of age were not
only faced with waves way bigger that than themselves, but began to tame it 
and shred apart the open faces, arising to the challenge in true Grom
 Search style.

We would like to congratulate Ellie Turner and Seth Morris on taking 
maximum points in the Under 16 divisions and who now go to Watergate Bay 
for the final event in search of the two 16’s boys and girl’s tickets to
 the European finals. Max Hudson and Kitty Brewer taking respective 2nd place
finishes and to all the other surfers for earning their Grom Search ranking 

We would also like to thank the surfers, parents, staff, land owners and 
supporters for making such an enjoyable and memorable event. We look
 forward to seeing you in Watergate Bay on August 20th & 21st where UK
 champions will be crowned.


U12 Girls: 1st Lauren Sandland 2nd Tegan Blackford 3rd Eva Blackford 4th
 Asha Sykes 5th Claudia Cosgrove

U12 Boys: 1st Sam Hearn 2nd Bertie Norman 3rd Thomas Reeves 4th Beau

U14 Girls: 1st Ffion Hughes 2nd Bonita Whitelock 3rd Lauren Sandland 4th 
Tegan Blackford

U14 Boys: 1st Sol Hawkins 2nd Woody New 3rd Max Hudson 4th Sam Hearn

U16 Girls 1st Ellie Turner 2nd Kitty Brewer 3rd Mischa Maguire 4th Ffion

U16 Boys: 1st Seth Morris 2nd Max Hudson 3rd Kit Innes 4th Patrick
 Langdon Dark