We live in a day where the lines are blurred. When the surf is flat, we get our fix riding concrete. If the waves are firing, we trade wheels for fins. And if the weekend forecast is for blue skies and fresh powder, we mission it to the mountains.
The quiver runs deeper than just swallow tails and thrusters, skaters no longer simply live for the streets, and snowboarders don’t hibernate in cabins waiting for the next winter to hit. We are Boardriders. We ride it all. All shapes. All conditions. All day.

We are artists, photographers, musicians. We love to travel, to party and to ignore any advice to “take our time and be careful”.
South Africa. A land of diversity.

Mountainous coastlines vs drought ridden desert. The lavishly rich vs the street begging poor. The wildlife of the savannah vs the wildlife of the city. No other country in the world boasts such dramatic contrast.

We piled in the rental vans and road tripped from the bottom to the top. Surfing point breaks, bombing hills, eating biltong and living in the “now now”.

This is Radical Times in South Africa.