The WSL Commissioner, Kieren Perrow, and Women’s tour manager Jessi Miley-Dyer check out the Kelly Wave Co Pool with a bunch of tour heads. Verdict is good.

Interesting to see the many different moods of the pool from the glassy perfection of Kelly’s wave to the roughed up less palatable waves a lot of other folk get dealt. Same deal with, err, other pool tech, the first wave from dead calm is a glassy wonder, from there on out the chop is an issue. Especially the faster the turnaround time. More waves per hour equals way less quality.

Attenuating the chop and backwash and recycling time is the key thing for these pools. Get that right and it’s commercially viable. Seems the noises the WSL is making that the Kelly pools it wants to spread around the world might not be so public, or if they are, they will be expensive. Whatever the result it’s a big investment to build one and no business man, no matter how deep the pockets, is going to pour money into a wave pool shaped money pit.

Kelly Wave Co