‘Mistakes Made … Are Lessons Learnt’ is a short film by Peter Conroy introducing you to how the Irish tow surf rescue club was established.

The Irish big wave and tow scene has been pretty much self taught over there years. Back when guys like Richie and Gabe and Al and Cotty first started towing Mullaghmore the sport was young and no one outside of Ireland and the UK really knew, or indeed believed, the potential. Everything had to be learned from scratch.

The Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club was set up nearly 10 years ago to highlight the need for qualified and experienced jetski drivers. The to train and share experiences over the years of tow surfing and surfing.

The ITSRC members now have some really heavy rescues under their belts. Life threatening and what could have been life changing in ridiculous situations in huge waves in remote areas. Many lives have been saved. There aim now is to make the sport of surfing safer by also putting life saving equipment in spots that are hard to access and work closely with the coast guard and helicopter service for fast and effective rescues.

IN all ITSRC has about 30 members paid up and always are glad for more. If you are interested please get in contact through the club page facebook.com/Irish-Tow-Surf-Rescue-Club-127085440635507/?fref=ts
or by contacting Peter conroy at [email protected]