The legendary Cloudbreak has rung the gong and some of the world’s leading beast slaying surfers have flown in for the swell. Alex Gray, Benji Brand, Damian Hobgood, Ryan Hipwood, Mark Healey, Greg Long and more jetted in to meet a bombing third reef Cloudbreak that was a bit wooly and wild.

Dreams of massive pits turned to nightmare as Aaron Gold, yes the same chap that paddled into the biggest wave of the winter at Pe’ahi, endured a two-wave hold down and was found floating unconscious on the inside by local Uri Kurop.

As Benji Brand announced on Insty: Live from Fiji – my brother @therealaarongold had a heavy wipeout this morning at cloudbreak, got a two wave hold down, and then blacked out unconcious underwater for 2 mins. Currently in the hospital checking the amount of water in his lungs. He wouldn’t be alive without @ukfiji grabbing him with the ski or @healeywaterops resuscitating him.

Watching out for each other in the surf is key, in big waves it’s essential, so we’re glad to report it seems Aaron is okay. CPR was administered and he regained consciousness on the ride back to Tavarua. He was then taken to hospital on the mainland to ensure his lungs aren’t too salty.

Away from the drama Dane and Damo snagged the gems. Let’s hope the swell train keeps on a coming.