For us Northern Hemi types it’s finally looking like spring. That time of year when we finally consider leaving the house without a full set of waterproofs, hiking boots and winter survival gear.

That’s right. Those shoes, trainers, daps, pumped up kicks or ratty old Cons can be looked at as viable options again without fear of your feet getting soaked, acquiring trenchfoot and/or frostbite.

Conversely as nature uncurls itself from winter hibernation so do we. Outside is a thing again. Not just somewhere to be endured between home and work/office/pub/waves. You can get changed for a surf without needing speedy ninja wetsuit on and offing skills to prevent blast frozen exposed flesh. Hell, there’s even enough radiation blaring from that ball of fire in the sky to singe a bit of colour in our pasty skin. S’right, the season of poo face/hands is upon us. The mark of the surfer. Relish it.

Now the big question we all face as surfers as the days lengthen and warmth seeps back in to the world is when to lose the gloves, hooded suits, or twat cap if that’s how you roll, then finally, and this is the big one, losing the boots and getting the wax between your toes again. Before you know it that 6 or 5mm will be living up to its classic name: steamer. On those clear, wonderful, crisp cold mornings just perfect for a slide as you peel off your superman suit you’ll literally steam. Like a welcome cup of java. Which looks pretty cool. Unless it’s wee steam. Which is inevitable but gross…

Soon be time to roll out the 4 or 3mm and which after a heavy winter will seem like you’ve lost a couple of pounds without eating salad or going to cross fit at all.
Of course being British spring can be a double edged sword. It can be mega sunny and pump, we’re on for a week of lovely surf on the left coast at the moment, or it can go flat for seven weeks. And rain the whole time.

How ever it plays out we’re glad the darkness is over. Spring starts astronomically next Sunday and for the meteorological sorts it’s been here since the start of March. Now we just need the ocean temperature to crawl back into double digits…

Words & Photos Sharpy

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