This edit has been filmed around where Conor Maguire and the rest of team involved in the making, grew up.
Ireland is a dark and moody mistress most of the time but even on the most stormy days in the depths of winter there is still something magical about this place.
Ancient ruins on a rugged coastline and a dramatic weather is what he has to deal with.
In between the madness there’s sometimes the odd window where the wind drops or swings and he gets a chance to go in the water. His best friends Peter Clyne and Fionn Rogers managed to capture a few of the rare moments when Mother Nature decided to co-operate.

Conor explains : “Mullaghmore is a wave I have dreamed of surfing since I was a kid. To have it on my doorstep is such a privilege. I’ve gotten the best waves and worst beating of my life at Mullaghmore but every time I go out there I come in with the biggest smile on my face, even if I don’t catch a wave, because I know 12 year old me would be so stoked.”

The video soundtrack has been done by his friend Cian O’Donnell and his girlfriend, Jessie Solange, added a wee bit of violin at the end. They wanted original music for the video that would allow the viewer to really feel what was happening on the screen.


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