There’s a few brands that are intrinsically connected with surfing. They’ve been there through thick and thin. Sure there are ups and downs on the road but you’ve got to explore the troughs to hit the highs. This is the new Quik campaign and sure, it’s an ad, but as a snippet of the lifestyles we love it’s pretty much hit the nail on the head: It makes you want to go ride…

The “Stay High!”, this campaign emphasizes Quiksilver’s vision of life, finding positive and getting
stoked. There is an infectious youthful attitude that draws us to the ocean and make us surf
down mountains. With the Stay High campaign Quiksilver aims at spreading the high we all
get from the boardriding lifestyle and keeping its crew stoked and participating. “Stay High!”
is not just a call out for Quiksilver. It’s a motto for the crews to keep the high in the fields of
design, creativity and state of mind. A way to express the deep passion of the company for
boardriding and claim its unique approach to life that can be defined as Fun First.
This short film embodies the Stay High! campaign and philosophy featuring Quiksilver’s
greatest team riders such as Mikey Wright, Tom Carroll, Travis Rice, Candide Thovex, Jeremy
Flores and many more.
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.35.52
StayHigh_Lifestyle_Compositions_4 StayHigh_Surf_Compositions_4