The event saw Europe’s best and most exciting surfing talents come together for a celebration of surfing on the remote African island. 

The event had eight days to find European champions from a field of 10 boys and 8 girls all under 16 years old.  The champions of France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy and a special guest from Morocco were pitched together for a battle of the nations, with the winners earning a place at the World Finals in Hawaï next month. 

The event was held over three days on the right hand point break of Punta Preta with a shifting peak and rock lined set up with 4 – 6 feet waves peeling across the bay. With the strong off shore trade winds relentlessly blowing, the swell stayed true and the competitors battled out with incredible bravery and passion. 

The event showcased the emerging talents from all nations with stellar performances from all. Especially Italian Mattia Miggliorini and British surfer Elli Turner who progressed to the finals in true underdog fashion. 
Ultimately the well rounded and progressive surfing by the French duo Juliette Brice and Mathis Crozon separated them from the rest of the field and the European titles were awarded to them along with the tickets to the world finals. 

The closing of the event draws to an end the European search and gives organisers a chance to reflect on an incredible and successful series of events. Rip Curl would like to thank all who have been a part of it, especially the team from Cape Verde and the local surfers for helping and sharing their beautiful island. 

Rip Curl continue their global search for the best junior surfers in 2016 and kick off in France in the coming weeks with the first event from February 27th to 28th in Martinique (French Indies). 


1-        MATHIS CROZON (France)

2-        DYLAN GROEN (Portugal)

3-        JOAO MOREIRA (Portugal)

4-        MATTIA MIGGLIORINI (Italie)


1-        JULIETTE BRICE (France)

2-        LISA GIRARDET (France)

3-        ELLI TURNER (Uk)

4-        INES BISPO (Portugal)