The era of the full length surf movie has passed. Web clips are the future for the attention deficit generation. Which is a paradox as whilst folk can’t arsed to watch a forty-minute surf film they’ll happily binge watch 13-hours of Jessica Jones.

Anyhoose. Whilst the event films of old that defined their generation like Morning of the Earth, or anything Sonny Miller and Jack McCoy produced are near extinct and the collective experience of gathering around a communal screen is gone we have an embarrassment of riches on a near daily basis. Which we can enjoy wherever and whenever we please. Everyone has an HD camera in their pocket these days. The kit to shoot pro looking clips can be had for under £500. Creativity has been democratised, as has distribution, we are all publishers now.

So much as we hope Kai Neville keeps plugging away at his full length movies and applaud John Florence’s massive donation to the creative industry this is the future. Neat segments of four minutes or less. To be watched at your leisure. As long as you didn’t swipe past and miss the memo.

Here are today’s visual nuggets for you to chew on all in one handy post:

Panamanian pits with Dane Reynolds, Parker Coffin, Dillon Perillo and Yadin Nicol.

Jermoe Sahyoun all over the shop in Morocco.

Marti Paradisis at home in Tasmania.

Sweet North Shore clips.

Matt Kleiner, him that’s Kerrzy’s filmer and a lush showreel.

More Hawaiian drone gold.

And that’s your lot…