Friends, brethren, comrades … rejoice! The permanent grey blanket that’s enveloped the UK for months has gone for a laundry day. The sun is actually out and one of those frosty, bluebird winter days we dream of has finally happened. About time as there’s only so much gale force wind and monsoonal rain anyone can cope with in one winter. Sure it’s been the warmest, but also the wettest, so whilst the leccy bills aren’t too savage the flooding bill is. Blame El Nino, blame global warming, blame natural variation in an insanely complex weather machine … whatever the cause we don’t like it.

It’s these crisp, offshore, bracing days that make being a British surfer in winter doable. The little blasts of vitamin D (and sea) staves off the winter blues and keeps us from living in the the pub sheltering from yet another storm.

So. Mama Nature. More of the same please. Just leave off with the frosty car windscreens eh? Ta.

Shots by Sharpy
Fistral moment v1
Fistral moment v2
Fistral moment v3
Fancy ass plane
Ben Skinner battling the offshore
Ben Skinner
Watergate walls
Pick your peak