Brilliant news from Ireland’s favourite surfing son Fergal Smith… He’s looking to make change happen at the highest level.

What was the tipping point that made you decide to stand?

Having a one year old girl made me realise I have to stand for her future.

Is politics in Ireland a reputable affair?

I respect the fact that you can make a difference in our small county of ours.

Do you think your youth and connection to the land inspire voters?

I really hope so, that’s what I am trying to do, get young people to vote and encourage them to look at the land as way of life.

How does it work in Ireland do you stand for a town or district?

This is the general election so it’s for our version of parliament called the Dáil.

Is there a big learning curve on all the other issues to cram for?

There is a lot for me to learn but my main reason for standing is to highlight what I am passionate about.

How are the team you’re working with?

We have a great team. Matt Smith is my right hand man for everything. A great woman called Roisin Garvey, who was going to stand, so she is helping with lots of local stuff. Another great guy by the name of Mancha who is also standing for the Greens in West Meath and he writes for the Irish Times is helping us. And of course Mickey has been helping with words and filmed my one minute piece. Thanks everyone couldn’t do it without them.

Ferg’s statement:

I am running for the Green Party, for my daughter and all Irish children. We all appreciate the major problems our children are going to have to deal with, but perhaps less apparent is that the solutions for them already exist. The next generation needs leaders who are not afraid to lead them into these changing times. My priority is the environment; without healthy soil nothing exists: trees, vegetables, grass, grazing animals and their produce.

I am a professional surfer who has returned to the land to start a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm near Lahinch, as I believe wholehearted this offers the most realistic, scalable solution to the issues surrounding rural life in Ireland. My conviction has led me to offer myself as a Green Party candidate in the 2016 General Election. Politics was never my intention, but there is a responsibility on us all to be part of the solution, and I will take every step, no matter how challenging, to implement solutions that will safeguard our children’s future.

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