The slumbering beast that is the Cribbar awoke today for a feisty little morning session. Newquay’s fickle, tricky and unpredictable big wave spot is never an easy option. That didn’t stop a grom crew of George Hudson, Seth Hughes, Kamron Matthews, Angus Scotney and Jack Powers taking it on for the first time under the watchful eye of Tom Butler (pic below).

The groms didn’t disappoint and have now all worn a bigger wave on the head than they could ever imagine. Trouble with the Cribbar is there are minimum two peaks and to sit on one where the medium size more consistent waves break you run the risk of being mown down by the rare big sets. Still. This was all about experience and getting to understand the playing field. We tip our hats to you grommets who to a man paddled into the abyss.

ps: How the heck is the plume on Tom’s wave at the 2.15 mark? Like a ruddy depth charge going off…


Whilst Buttsy took off one bomb he snapped his leash going under the two behind it which led to a long swim in. Didn’t faze the youth they carried on as he disappeared around the headland.

As Jack commented on Tom’s Insty: So sick being out there with you today Tom best experience I’ve had surfing so far, cheers.

The real drama happened after the session when two windsurfers got in a bit of bother and had to be rescued by the lifeboat and various other emergency services.
Line up and note the two groms in a very uncomfortable place…