Will Skudin is a name you’ll know as he’s one of the growing ex-pat crew that have been adding some international flavour to the line ups in Donegal Bay. Not content with throwing himself over the ledge at Mullaghmore he’s been down in Portugal, with it seems most of Europe’s big wave fraternity, having a pop at paddling the most tricky big wave beachbreak in the world: Nazaré.

Here’s a wave many are calling the biggest yet paddled there. As with all big wave surfing you’ve got to pay the piper and the end  result of this is one of those moments that’ll make your lungs shrivel and cringe. Because here’s the rub: Nazaré doesn’t run in to a nice safe channel. It’s a wedgey beachbreak. It closes out on the inside. A place otherwise best described as salty hell. Thankfully inflation vests and a talented rescue crew on the skis make taking it on that bit safer.