This time last year we kinda outed Oli’s long time struggle with Crohn’s disease. It wasn’t like he was keeping it secret, he just wasn’t whinging on about the many days spent flat on his back in pain suffering. Only a few people knew about his fight, so we decided to show him bat of support and give him our Carve award. Shortly after he made a huge decision to have major life changing operation. Anyone who knows anything about the disease and the consequences of the op will know it couldn’t have been easy, but he charged it. The thought of a healthy, pain free life surfing was worth the fight, he felt.
In the last year he won much deserved Carve and UKPST awards for his bravery and example to others and came back to win the UKPST comp before resuming his random wave chases. So here he is warming up after the op in the Mentwai.