Photo Mitch Corbert

“We’ve been big fans of Fergal’s for as long as we can remember.’ said Matt Smith “His commitment to chasing waves of consequence has been a huge inspiration to us all, coupled with his attitude and approach to life. We recently spent a few days with Fergal in Ireland and it reinforced that his values are a direct reflection of those of Finisterre – a commitment to cold water surfing, a responsibility to do more to protect our environment, and a dedication to building relationships with the people and communities that matter.”

The partnership between Finisterre and Fergal will include an offering of insulation jackets for the Moy Hill Community Garden that has been a project of passion for Fergal and a few close friends. From this original project Fergal has made a commitment to growing food to support himself and the community around him, and has made it his mission to educate others about the importance of sustainable farming and agroecology. He also happens to be surfing better than ever. Fergal is one of the best barrel and big wave riders to have been born on European shores, he was part of a tight team of surfers that first surfed the mind bending waves Ireland is now famous for.

The newly launched Finisterre Nieuwland 5 wetsuit will be keeping Fergal warm in the line up this winter, designed with durability and warmth at the heart of the product development.

Fergal joins the close family of riders that includes, Noah Lane, Matt smith, and Easkey Britton.

Tom Kay Founder of Finisterre said

“Fergal is a true inspiration in so many ways, the way he lives his life, the way he surfs, and his outlook on life. We are really excited to have him as part of our extended family and will be unbelievably proud to see him in our new wetsuit chasing some of Irelands waves this winter”