Winters featuring a strong El Nino event are hard to call for the Atlantic. While weather boffins know it can lead to huge surf in the Pacific, think the legendary Outside Log Cabins session in 1998, this side it’s harder to know how the winter will shape up. Our Met Office thinks wet and stormy early winter going cold and dry for the back half. The ‘Little Boy’ is certainly leading to wonky weather all over the shop with typhoons off Arabia and drought in South Africa.

So far our autumn started slow then had a late surge at the back end of October/early November which got us all our fill and  got the skis, guns and ropes dusted off for the hellmen … Nazare and Mullaghmore are officially open for the season.

The Atlantic is conveyor belt mode at the moment with an endless procession of storms so hopefully this will continue and we can get into the list of potential named storms. However it plays out we’ll be out there wearing all the coats we own to bring you a flavour from the front line. Suffice to say it’s going to be interesting. And it’s awesome that the big wave scene is now legitimate in Europe at last.