Here it is…

“They are digging a Wavegarden the length of J Bay….” Was the over riding snippet of information I took away from Surf Snowdonia. Was it rumour? Was it just over imaginative nonsense? Well it appears it may actually be true as the first small images appear from the dig.

Wavegarden and Doug Coors, CEO of NLand Surf Park, plans to put Austin, Texas on the map as a world class surf destination with the introduction of the first public Wavegarden in North America.

Roughly the size of nine (American) football fields, NLand claim their WG will “feature eleven surfing areas with four different surfing levels ranging from beginner to pro. Each hour, 300 distinct waves that never lose power or shape, ranging from one to six feet will be yours to hang ten!”


It will be three times the length of the Spanish test facility…Imagine that!

There are no other parks that compare to NLand.’ He said in recent interview “Our lagoon will be the size of nine football fields with one-foot, four-foot, and six-foot barreling waves, on a ride that could last up to 35 seconds. There has been nothing like this in the past, nor is there anything similar to this now on the planet.’

An artists impression. Plans also feature a skatepark…

The lagoon will offer waves suitable for surfers of all abilities, but that a six foot wave with a ride of 35 seconds per wave is pretty mad.

‘It is extremely rare to find a surf spot anywhere in the world with waves that break perfectly over this duration; this is infrequent even at the most famous surfing locations around the planet because a range of natural elements must coincide for this to happen.’

The driving housing is on site…

Doug Coors is an engineer and a surfer, his aim is to produce perfectly tubing six foot waves every 60 seconds. The Coors-Wavegarden team have even worked on a unique lagoon design and self-sustaining water supply.

A wave garden the length of J Bay… Imagine the fun! It is well on it’s way to opening in 2016 so with this space!