One of Europes most iconic shaper/sprayer combos are ‘back’ in business and producing a limited edition run of classic shapes and custom sprays.

Shaper and head honcho at Homeblown Blanks Tris Cokes and Neil Wernham have been back in the factory after Neil returned from NZ for a visit. The pair were part of the legendary Tris team with main man/glassing legend/surfshop pioneer Johnny Manetta. The visit also coincided with Johnny Manettas book “Looking of something to find” (Click here for the full story)

Many of the 70’s and 80’s Tris Surfboards are now sought after collectors pieces with one going for rather large sum recently and Wernhams sprays being particularly in demand.

Carve caught up with Tris to find out what the story was…

How do you feel picking up a planer again?
I didn’t stop, it’s having Neil here in the midst of the retro fad/nostalgia that has reminded folk of TS.

When was the last time you produced boards together?
Now you’re assuming I have a memory…probably mid 70’s!

How many boards are you doing and what designs?
So far mostly in old style single fins. The sprays are from Neil’s head, similar to those he produced in the old days with a nod to Rick Griffin.

Are you doing any customs?
Yes we have done a couple of customs to date, Neil’s off in two weeks so anyone aspiring to a custom one of his sprays better be quick.

Where can people buy them?
Easiest route is Tris Surf Shop website!contact