Proof if needed that surfers are different breed. I mean let us start with Mr Mark Mathews. It would seem he is not content with just trying to surf mental, stepping Shippies; a wave which most surfers would have a hard time straight lining wide eyed, stiff legged and with balls shrunk, into the channel. Neither is he satisfied with making two major surf mag covers on foamy (see this issue of Carve cover) pulling into 15 foot death slabs. Nope he has to try foamy transfers mid wave and mid air a Shippies. What the flying fuck is going through his head? I dunno. Nothing sensible that is for sure.

Second we have Mr Fanning. A bone fide world champ champ and currently second in the world… He has already done shark wrangling so in preparation for his next comp Trestles and a possible world title run into Autumn he obviously feels he has to step up his game. And what better way than to go face planting the Shippies and chewing Tassy reef.. What is he thinking? Sure he got the hang of it, after a couple of widow makers, but does Rory McIlroy warm up for the European Tour Final Series by practicing bunker shots in the pot holes of the Syrian desert? No, I don’t believe he does.

Nice vid though…Don’t go changing now..