The world is connected, 1.31 billion facebook users now share their lives online, 500 million tweets per day, there are 42.9 million instagram photos of people’s dinner, internet addiction disorder is now a recognized medical condition. Are we now just drowning in a barrage of unnecessary information? And at what cost? Paddle out, go offline…

A note and plea from Mr B… “Aware of the irony of posting a video for the London Surf Film Festival which uses a ‘liking’ voting system, my several social media accounts, several facebook conversations between myself and Stoker to make the film, and the many positive benefits both personally and to the world, please don’t think of this as an ‘anti-social media film’. This is more of an expression of the over-use, the intense barrage of content and information seeping into areas of life which should be dealt with in the real world, and that the sea is for both myself and Stoker one of the last refuge available to escape this relentless online content and contact. With the new iWatch recently released and waterproofing technology improving yearly, my biggest worry is that this aquatic refuge could be infringed upon.
It would be unacceptable to receive a mobile call or snapchat alert in the middle of a Baptist service, a Muslim prayer, a Hindu wedding or a Catholic Mass… so please lets not allow technology to encroach on our final simple, information-free sanctuary.

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