The tale of the Master (Mark Mathews) & the Apprentice (Russel Bierke).
Russel Bierke guides us through his experience of being mentored by one of the world’s best big wave surfers, Mark Mathews, as he takes on a secret left hand slab wave in Western Australia.

Spencer Lacy on Skookumchuck
Skookumchuck rapids are on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. I know it’s a SUP”er but seeing as he is in a river and isn’t running anyone over we’ll allow it…

Julian Wilson goes cray.

The Tahiti Pro winner gives thanks

Nate Tyler, Chippa Wilson and Dion go mad in Cal.

Noa Deane, Dylan Goodale and Josh Kerr in Rusty’s new film, TUFF

Betet Merta shredding at home in Indo