Now the Daily Mail isn’t a source of any news worth your time. Obsessed as they are with ‘woman wears clothes’ or creepy  ‘woman reveals entirely natural bit of body in skimpy… etc’ stories. Which isn’t by any stretch of the imagination news when there’s so much actual news happening. But that said as a website to go and have a look at when you’re in need of a chuckle it’s right up there with the Onion.

So it’s not a great surprise they’re hosting this story.

A surfer’s bucket list. Yes. Handy info for all you ‘boarders’. So make sure you come to Newquay for the frequent 40-footers. Just remember your big wave gun and to paddle out round the back of the Cribbar. No point trying to duckdive eh? It’s impressive that humble Newqs is third most desirable after the obvious Nazare and Mavericks. So once you’ve ticked those two off and achieved ‘legend’ status come down Kernow and ride the 40s.

Also sound advice about trying the Backdoor when in Hawaii. *titters*

As for 1.3km rides at J-Bay?!? Not to mention the incredibly patronising ‘charming natives’.

Anyway. Enjoy.