Beats Down South, started by two Bude locals with a love for music, is an organisation aiming to boost the Hip-Hop scene in the south west by pairing local talent with national stars. Little focus has been placed on Hip-Hop in the rural settings of Devon and Cornwall and the crew will be putting together events combining huge headliners with hidden gems in the underground rap music arena.

The south west also has a booming underground EDM (electronic dance music) scene so the events will double up Hip-Hop and EDM, the events will follow a consistent template with a Main Event (Hip-Hop) and an After Party (Dance Music).

The main event will feature Jam Baxter and DJ Sammy B-side, both extremely high calibre artists. Jam Baxter is probably one of the most talented British writers alive right now and DJ Sammy B-Side is making big moves in the Hip-Hop DJ scene. They have both played festivals such as Glastonbury, NASS and Boom Bap. Supporting headliner, Filthy Funk (Phoenix Recordings), are an amazingly versatile hip-hop group that consist of two MC’s (Dotz and Peterz) and their DJ (Richie Spitz). They bring a very fresh and honest take on UK Hip-Hop and are making really big moves in the scene right now.

The after party has a jam packed line-up of majorly talented DJ’s and producers from all different Genres and sections of the underground dance scene. Headline act for the after party is are Twisted, Tweakah & Pluggerz who are all part of Stomp ‘n’ Wonk Records.

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