Buckle up for some inspired Cloudbreak lunacy from the lens of Talon Clemow. You can get the full documentary on the links below.

As the ‘Anniversary Re-Tour’ of Thundercloud approaches, One Palm Media have released the longest portion of the award winning documentary for public consumption to date. 15 minutes straight from the horses mouth, as it is in the actual production. Full tour details @ onepalmMEDIA.com

Featuring the epic swells at Cloudbreak of 2010, 2011 & the lead up the gargantuan 2012 swell that will forever live in the history books as ‘the greatest paddle session seen on planet Earth thus far’, this 15 minute preview is just what the doctor ordered to remind everyone of the majestic, terrifying beauty of the ‘jewel of the South Pacific’, Cloudbreak in Fiji.

Re-touring Australia with more dates and locations than ever before, catch it in cinemas, where all good surf movies should be shown. Short of that, it’s available on iTunes (geni.us/E4T) & Vimeo On Demand (vimeo.com/ondemand/thundercloud) for download whenever you get the urge to see more of this rare gift to humanity, Thundercloud Reef aka ‘Kuru Kuru Malagi’ in the ancient Fijian tongue.


One Palm Media.

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