Nixon have partnered with surf forecaster Surfline to bring us the newest revolution in wearable tech The Ultratide; a tide watch which includes real time surf forecast. Yup surf forecasting on your wrist.

The Ultratide delivers real-time conditions for your favourite breaks via Bluetooth® technology. Tide, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperatures; all the data you need, so you’ll never not know when to go. It is as they say, the World’s smartest surf watch.

The watch auto geolocates to show you the conditions for the nearest surf spot to your current location, and stays continuously updated with current Surfline forecast data for your favourite surf spots around the world. You can choose from the thousands of surf spots in the Surfline network, and get 10 Surfline forecast data points displayed in easy to read format directly on the watch. You can also create custom surf alerts, and there is a one touch set up that synchs watch and iPhone. The Surfline Forecast data points include: current Surfline rating, current surf height, current swell height(s), forecasted swell height(s), current swell direction(s), forecasted swell direction(s), current water temperature, current air temperature, current sky condition, and 48hrs of tide data with predicted time and height details in both imperial and metric values.

So no more hitting refresh, all you got to do is look at your wrist. Pretty remarkable…

RRP £240.