One minute and forty two seconds of unreasonable behaviour…

The video marks the launch of O’Neill’s new global brand campaign, “UNREASONABLE expectations since 1952.”

The global campaign highlights O’Neill’s long-lasting commitment to delivering above and beyond what would be considered reasonable by anyone’s standards. “Our company was founded by bringing the very best product into the market,” said Willem Haitink, O’Neill’s CEO. “From inventing the first wetsuit to the creation of the first surf shop and board leash, we have a storied history of delivering product to consumers and world-class athletes that exceeds all expectations.”

The campaign not only highlights the UNREASONABLE nature of O’Neill’s athletes and products, but also celebrates the youth of today. “Today’s young adults don’t define themselves as just surfers, skiers or snowboarders anymore. They are interested in experiencing all that the world has to offer. They want it all and they want it now, which is totally UNREASONABLE in the very best sense of the word,” said Doug Perkul, CMO, O’Neill.

O’Neill partnered with alt-rock phenom AWOLNATION to feature the cinematic, title track “Run” from the upcoming new album due March 17 via Red Bull Records.

“We are all massive fans of AWOLNATION and when we heard that Aaron was down for working with us on this project, we were beyond ecstatic. Not only does the band have the right sound for our manifesto, but Aaron is also a surfer and totally understands our ethos and way of life,” said Doug Perkul.

“Surfing and music go hand in hand. They are instinctual, rhythmic, happy, sad, heavy, soft, disappointing, rewarding, humbling, devastating, and glorious on any given day,” said Aaron Bruno lead singer of AWOLNATION.

“Only a surfer can understand the true spiritual soul cleansing of a barrel. Whenever we are out on the road, playing shows in front of thousands of people, I can’t help but sometimes wonder what tubes I may be missing back home.”

Look out for more videos featuring O’Neill’s top athletes within the worlds of surf and snow. The campaign will culminate with the “UNREASONABLE” film festival, a chance for top filmmakers such as Sundance Film Festival Award Winner, Stefan Nadelman to re-imagine the modern action sports film through the lens of UNREASONABLE.