Italy is holding… Here’s the proof.

UN/CROWDED is a short movie featuring one of the most talented italian surfer Roberto D’amico and directed by Alessandro Dotti.
It’s all about a three days trip up to the north of Italy. Conditions were firing for the whole three days. Our base was Varazze, a small village near Genova, which probably has the most perfect break of the italian west coast, La Secca.
The best conditions of the year and hundred of surfers made the spot really CROWDED.
Too many people were not exactly what we were looking for so we started exploring the coast. After a few attempts we found a real jewel, a desert beach with a perfect right-hander breaking really close to the rocks.
Perfect barrels and no one out made this place the perfect UNCROWDED surfing spot. Locals told us this was the best days of the last two years.
Filming: Alessandro Dotti, Roberto Montanari and Luca Spreafico
Editing: Alessandro Dotti and Luca Spreafico
Thanks to all the locals