After several premieres around Europe, Nic Von Rupp has launched the first of four episodes of the My Road Series, an informal documentary directed by the Dinis & Gustavo.

Nic takes us to the main stage of surfing, describing not only the life of a professional surfer, but also trying to find out the position that Europeans currently occupy in the surf world.

Also starring other Portuguese surfers Tiago Pires, Vasco Ribeiro and Frederico Morais, the first episode, entitled One City, From Lisbon to Los Angeles, draws a parallel line between the Portuguese capital and the world capital of surfing, exploring their common points and differences.

How does a professional surfer live? What is the space occupied by Europeans in the international surf industry?

My Road Series reveals one year filled with trips around the world searching for the best waves, always welcomed and driven by local people, that besides than excellent surfers and storytellers, also turn out to be great friends.