Barnaby Cox is 13 and lives in north Cornwall…

Where is your home break: Crackington Haven but I often end up going into Widemouth or Bude instead because the banks have been rubbish lately at cracky.

Who do you surf with: Whoever’s up for it most of the time, in winter a lot of my friends give up on surfing so with myself for a solo sesh is sometimes the only option when the waves are on!

Who do you look up to locally: Obviously around Bude there is so much upcoming talent so every time we surf together it’s pretty competitive and pushes me to get better. But guys like Reuben Ash show it’s possible to be English and take your surfing to a professional level.

What are your best competition results: I came 3rd in the schools event, and won a few small local ones in Bude and Crackington. So nothing amazing yet. Summer comps for me consisted of un-surfably small days and always scraping through annoyingly only to the semi finals. But this year I have improved my surfing loads and am now am in the older year of the under 14s. I really hope to win a couple this year!

What are your ambitions: This summer I want to get further bigger sponsors, win or get to the finals in some big competitions and therefor be really happy!

What did you like best about the Algarve: I had so much fun because despite scoring pumping waves I improved loads due to coaching and met some other stoked groms who were great to surf with.