If you ain’t up to speed with techno babble 4K is the latest standard in mega HD quality footage. So just as most people are getting TVs that are 1080HD the world is already moving on. Such is the march of progress.

In short your regular HD is 1920 x 1080 pixels wide. Which on your home telly box looks amaze and is a huge step up from boring old non-HD vision. You can see so much more detail, better clarity and once you’ve seen HD seeing anything else looks well bum and all fudgey. If you’ve got one of those well fancy iPhone 6 plus jobbies (other phablets are available) that has a reg HD screen.

Your 4K is a bit better. It’s twice as wide and twice as high. So where 1080 is twice as wide/high (equating to four times the screen real estate) of the old DVD standard 4K is the same again to 1080. So it’s 3840 pixels wide… Which unless you’ve got a rather expensive telly box or a real recent retina screened computer you can’t even make the most of. Still. If you hit the YouTube settings thing and hit 4K if you have the screen, not to mention the internet connection that can handle it, it looks awesome.

The fact it’s a minute of John John going bonkers just makes it all the more worthwhile…

ps: Sorry things have been a bit slow on the site for the last week, I (Sharpy) have been on holibobs and the rest of the crew have been have been hosting cold water events and admiring the beards/beer/bratwurst at ISPO.