Settle down for your lunchtime salad (pie) and green tea (full fat mocha) and get your eyes around this slice of goodness Francais. A timely section to be debuted when our hearts are with our French friends and colleagues.

“When the autumn swells hit the south of France there is no better place in on earth to be if you’re a surfer. Julien Turpaud was on hand last autumn for one of the year’s classic swells. Using his trusty Canon 7D and 100/400mm lens he captured a host of locals and traveling pros showcasing some insanely precise (and ballsy) barrel riding. Check out Mick Fanning, Vincent Duvignac, CJ Hobgood, Joan Duru, Miky Picon, Arnaud Darrigade and more reveling in some of the world’s best beach break. The Art Of French Tube Riding With Mick Fanning, Miky Picon, And Friends.”