Sancho’s wave from Nazare was huge. We know this much. Biggest ever? Maybe. What’s your call? It’s a behemoth beast straight from your nightmares for sure… Here’s how it came to pass.


Billabong Adventure Division – Benjamin Sanchis rides record-size wave in Nazare, Portugal – December 11th. 2014

On Thursday December 11th, the Billabong Adventure Division went to Nazare for the biggest swell of the season so far .

They met with Garret McNamara, Sebastian Steudner, Ross Clark Jones and their team to surf huge waves in Nazare at the infamous Praia do Norte.

At the end of a long day and after successfully riding a couple of great waves, Sancho, driven by Eric Rebiere, let go of the rope on what most people call the biggest wave ever ridden in the history of surfing, this is how it happened.