After the huge success of the first Surf Fitness book, Carve have got together with fitness coach Lee Stanbury and surfers Ben Skinner and Lee Bartlett to produce the next level up, Advanced Surf Fitness for High Performance Surfing. It is a book aimed to help improve every surfer from beginner to to elite. We got the low-down on the new book from Lee.


So Advanced Surf Fitness, what’s the story?
It’s basically been upgraded from The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness. This book is next step for anybody who needs advice on training, more basic info, but put in such a way that it will allow the surfer to really move forward with programs. It steps up from being just a guide book to bringing it all together so that training programs can be forged out and progression can take place from pro to beginner.

What can readers expect?
Much more info regarding specific programs, planning, and advanced training guidance. You will be able to learn how to assess your fitness and all about the muscles that you use during manoeuvres and how to target and train them so you surf better.

In general how quickly do surfers benefit from training programmes?
Fitness gains can be made very quickly, in as little as two to three weeks, providing that consistency takes place. It doesn’t take long at all especially if the training is done alongside your surfing. But simple exercises like burpees or swimming can improve your surfing quickly.

What kind of training programmes are the top pros now following?
They are mostly doing bodyweight exercises for basic core strength and flexibility, routines to improve balance and reaction time, key surfing movements, like cutbacks, then stretching for injury prevention and aerobic fitness. They are all following training routines now some even have sports psychology coaches. There is a lot of money involved and it has evolved into a really demanding sport. They have to surf anything from two feet to 20 on tour so you can imagine the fitness levels.

How will this book helps novice surfers?
Basically when you learn to surf it’s really demanding: arms, legs and pretty most everything gets a going over. This book looks at ground roots exercise and training, and with exercises that can be done from a low fitness level right up to a full super fit level. If training is kept up then progression really kicks in quickly. If you’re not lucky enough to get to the surf as often as you like then the training is a must!

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