That first shiver of Autumn is in the air and with it comes the promise of a fresh stream of low pressures to awaken the coast and light up the darkening dawns of the British Isles.  In celebration of this hallowed season the London Surf / Film Festival, Presented by Reef, is delighted to announce the official selection of International features for 2014.

Hitting the capital October 9-12 and hosted at the Genesis, E1, The London Surf / Film Festival is a celebration of the cream of international surf culture, bringing to the UK four nights of the very best surf films from around the globe.

“We’re amped to work with the most talented and relevant directors across the world to showcase the very best in independent surf filmmaking. I’m hugely excited by this year’s line up – it explores the full breadth of waveriding culture from cutting edge performance in films like Groove Move, Expencive Porno Movie and Se7en Signs to insightful documentaries like Into the Sea and Out in the Line Up, which bust down barriers, we have extraordinary films that explore the wonder of the ocean environment and the overwhelming lure of surf exploration, like What the Sea Gives Me and Tierra de Patagones and films like Stephanie in the Water that do it all” says LS/FF Director Chris Nelson. “For many of the films we showcase, the London Surf / Film Festival will be their only cinematic release in the UK and the only chance you’ll get to watch them as they were intended to be enjoyed – on the big screen, in surround sound, accompanied by a packed crowd of likeminded individuals. Surf movie releases have always been community happenings – the original “social media” experience and that is exactly what the LS/FF is all about.” The full line up includes The Shorties short film competition showcasing homegrown talents.

Accompanied by Q&A’s and talks with waveriding’s most inspiring heroes and icons including 5 times World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, workshops, a gallery show, music, art, artisans and more this saline hit of inspiration is a must for anyone of a salty persuasion. For full schedule details and ticket information head to:



European Premiere: STEPHANIE IN THE WATER, Dir. Ava Warbrick, AUS

Stephanie Gilmore: surfing icon, World Champion, respected and revered by all. By her own admission she never feared defeat, she entered the line-up with a supreme confidence and dominated female surfing. That was until one night, in her hometown of Coolongatta, she was attacked by a complete stranger. This fly on the wall documentary offers an incredibly intimate insight into Steph’s life on and off the tour, pushing the cutting edge of surfing.  Presented in person by the 5 X World Champion Stephanie Gilmore and Director Ava Warbrick.


World Premiere: INTO THE SEA, Dir. Marion Poizeau, Fra

With no prior knowledge or preconceptions, Irish champion surfer Easkey Britton travels to Iran, taking to the water in a hijab, to become the first woman to surf there. Invited to return by the country’s pioneering sportswomen, she aims to introduce surfing to the women of Iran. How will the locals of this traditional area respond? This is an inspiring documentary of exploration and hope that reveals the true power of the ocean.


World Premiere: THE HUNT FOR HIPMASAMA, Dir. Oli Adams, UK

UK Pro Oli Adams stumbled across a grainy picture of a mysto wave on a remote British island – un-surfed and un-named. This image haunted him, and sparked an eight-year odyssey, chasing a dream. This film follows him as he embarks on a final journey to track down this mythical wave that has evaded him for so long. Accompanied by Q&A with director and star Oli Adams.


European Premiere: WHAT THE SEA GIVES ME, Dir. Pierce M Kavanagh, USA

A stunning portrayal of the relationship between man and sea.  With insight from those whose destinies are defined by their connection to the ocean, whether researching Great White sharks, diving to depths never before reached, capturing waves on the frigid fringes of the planet or surfing mountains of water, this is a must-see film to open the eyes and awaken the senses.


UK Premiere: OUT IN THE LINE-UP. Dir. Ian Thomson, Aus

This multi award-winning documentary lifts the lid on the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. After 20 years of silence, former state champion surfer David Wakefield feels ready to reveal a secret that could turn his life upside down. Despite mixed reactions from friends and family, David is determined to find out why homosexuality is so hidden in surfing. He embarks on a global journey to bring understanding to this taboo topic. A powerful documentary that busts down doors.

Followed by Q&A with director Ian Thomson


UK Premiere: TIERRA DE PATAGONES, Dir. Joaquin and Julian Azulay, Arg

Joaquin and Julian Azulay set out on a journey to explore the southern limits of Patagonia surfing empty point breaks, heaving slabs and beaches, accompanied only by penguins and sea lions. Along the way they meet those who forge a life in this beautiful but bleak landscape, before embarking on a dangerous sea voyage in search of a deserted island. Combining beautiful cinematography, grand vistas and a soundtrack that captures the spirit of Patagonia this film will have you packing your bags and heading south for the winter.


UK Premiere: PENINSULA, Dir. Luca MerliIt

This beautifully crafted ode to Italy explores the country’s rich and varied coastline and culture through the passion and dedication of both pioneering surfers and modern stylists. Shot on sumptuous 35mm, 16mm and super8 film, this gorgeous movie shows just why the surfing world has suddenly fallen for Italy.


UK Premiere: 70 SOMETHING, Dir. Rafael Mellin, Bra

Think you know Brazilian surfing? Think again! This awesome documentary mixes archive footage, interviews and the best modern surfers ripping on classic boards to tell the story of how surfing and youth culture found it’s feet under the noses of a repressive military dictatorship in 1970’s. Set to the perfect soundtrack, it will inspire, enlighten and entertain. Not to be missed.



Shot on luscious Super 16mil and featuring some of the world’s most stylish surfers – Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Trevor Gordon, Ryan Burch, Jared Mell, Mikey DeTemple et al, the music is pure 70’s Blaxsploitation, the action is pure surf porn and shooting the whole thing on film costs a pretty penny. I just wonder where he got the name from?


London Premiere: CRADLE OF STORMS, Dir. Bryce Lowe-WhiteUSA

Alex Gray, Josh Mulcoy, and Pete Devries went on a journey through the remote Aleutian Arc of Alaska, the birthplace of storm systems that send swell back to the whole Pacific region. They braved heavy weather, rickety prop planes, and seal meat en route to discovering one of the best cold-water slabs in the world. Set against the stunning volcanic backdrop, this multi award-winner is cold-water surf exploration at its finest.


London Premiere: SE7EN SIGNS, Dir. Nathan Myers, USA

Dreamt up by Innersection mastermind Nathan Myers and produced by genre defining filmmaker Taylor Steele, Se7en Signs weaves the journeys of six filmmakers in six locations together into a single, rollicking, surprise-filled adventure. This is a film about traveling in search of waves…and everything that happens along the way. If this does not inspire your wanderlust, nothing will.


London Premiere: GROOVE MOOVE, Dir Jack Coleman, USA

If you want your mind to be blown by radical, stylish, grin-inducing surfing from some of the planet’s most interesting surfers set to a classic soundtrack and captured on celluloid then look no further. Jack Coleman takes a liberal sprinkling of Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, Ozzie Wright and Rob Machado, cracks in some quality Ryan Burch, Derek Hynd, Dave Rastovich, Ari Browne and more and sets the mixer to groove and move baby! Award winning radness at its finest.


Special Closing Gala Screening: Allpress, London. 16th October.

UK Premiere: THE GRANITE STOKE, Dir: Dylan Ladds and Ryan Scura, USA

Surfing in New Hampshire can be a frustrating affair. The flat spells can be long and the temperature, freezing, but these factors have helped forge a very special surf community. Filmmakers Ryan and Dylan have captured the essence of this extraordinary place, combining awe-inspiring landscapes and coastlines with the local characters and pioneers. It does more than tell the story of this small US State; it captures the very essence of surfing and what makes the friends we meet through it so special.