Pumping waves with sets int 15ft range are going to hit the ASP J Bay comp tomorrow!

“With a new swell filling in at Supertubes, a lay day has been called for the J-Bay Open in anticipation of peak weekend sets. The next call is at 7:30 AM local time Saturday; until then get ready with the updated Surfline forecast, predicting waves up to 15 feet.’ Said the ASP

Surfline forecaster Kevin Wallis said ”
“The bulk of this swell, however, will build in through Saturday and produce pumping surf all day. We expect to see solid double overhead+ waves on Saturday (10-12’++ faces), with the better sets in the 15’+ range on the face. Sunday will see easing, albeit still strong, surf in the overhead to double overhead range in the morning.”

Should be epic. Comp may kick off at 6.30am GB time, 7.30 local time.

All the action will be live here. Updates and highlights are alread posted. Enjoy!