On Saturday, 26th July at 2pm there will be a demonstration against SWW constant polluting of the Red River Godrevy with the support of the local community and Surfers Against Sewage.

Local resident, beach user and business woman Karin Howey says: “This is the 21st century and we do not live in a third world country so how can it be acceptable that South West Water can allow untreated sewage on to our beaches.”

“Together we will call on South West Water to STOP discharging untreated human sewage at Godrevy. I felt compelled to act, after South West Water discharged sewage three times in a two week period during June/July 2014, which directly affected my family and business. Myself and the guests staying at my chalet all had severe stomach bugs after swimming and surfing in the polluted sea.”

Meet at Gwithian Beach, next to the Red River at 1.30pm, members of the local community and Surfers Against Sewage campaigners in wetsuits will gather on the beach with placards and banners calling for South Wet Water to STOP polluting the environment.

Karin continued “I understand that sewer overflows are used as an emergency discharge and help alleviate storm water and untreated waste water when the system becomes close to bursting. We feel these sewer overflows should only ever be used after extreme rainfall events. However it is clear to see, that this is happening far too frequently with unacceptable consequences. We have recently been enjoying dry sunny weather and recent rainfall records back this up, so why have our beaches had an increased number of raw sewage discharges?

“The clear indication is that there are maintenance problems or other serious deficiencies in the waste water treatment system. We are fed up with the Environment Agency telling us their samples have passed water quality tests and our bathing water is of a high standard, when in fact there are major flaws in the testing process itself. We strongly believe the water quality samples are returning misleading results because they are taken from an area of the beach that avoids the impacts of the Red River and South West Water’s sewage discharges.

“As we rely heavily on tourism in the South West, it feels counterproductive to be highlighting the sewage in our bathing water but there needs to be change and action. South West Water, The Environment Agency and the public all need to work together to protect our coastline and the health of people using the sea, but ultimately the responsibility lies with South West Water, who charge us the highest water rates in the country!

If you can’t make it please sign and share the petition which already has over 3,600 signatures in one week and join us at Gwithian beach on July 26th at 2pm to highlight the level of concern and show your support.

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