Hi my names Tom Hall I’m 17 and I’m from Jersey in the Channel Islands. I’m studying media for A levels and recently I made this video as a side project.

Basically this was a project I decided to take on at the start of last winter in 2013, as I felt as if the standard and quality of surfing in Jersey is really high but it’s super hard for any of them to get any sort of coverage being on an island an all.

I tried to create a video which showcases some of Jerseys best surfers so that they could get this coverage and recognition but also so that they could see themselves surf which could potentially help them improve. Also it gives some of the younger groms something to look up to.

I really like the approach some of the more modern surf filmmakers are taking such as Aaron Lieber and Kai Neville they’re definitely the ones I look to when I need some inspiration or I’m stuck for ideas.

The surfers featured in the video are Sam George, Scott Eastwood, Josh Evans, Charlie Rio, Piers Gould, Rennie Gould and Ben Bates. I tried to make it a mix between the older more experienced generation and the younger up and coming generation.